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The Activitis

Enry in the golden book of the comunety 2002

Shaking hands of the majors

Meeting at the company Senking Jensen

Visiting at Transnorm (Swiss Logistic)

Delegation in front of the city hall of Harsum

Empfang vor dem Jugendheim in Borsum

Inorguration of the Sonoita square

Delegation at the new Sonoita square in Borsum

The officials are leading the march the inauguration of the Sonita square

The march is arriving the location

Some Pictures for you:

The new chaple in Mexico under construction: on the left the old memorial

The memorial in Mexico

from left: Pater Clemens Schlüter; Don Juan; Frnaziska Achmüller; ???; Frau Claassen

Fam. Claassen in front of the new memorial in Borsum